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Are you planning to create a mobile site or application? Or you want to improve your web ergonomics to optimize the user experience on your site?

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What does web ergonomics mean?

When we talk about web ergonomics, we are talking about the different studies and methods used to improve the user experience on a website or application. An interface must inspire comfort in order to facilitate its use and thus allow Internet users to enjoy their visit.

To ensure the comfort of a visitor on your website and make him want to browse other pages, you must ensure that it is ergonomically optimized.

What we call an ergonomically optimized website

An optimized website is more likely to appeal to the average Internet user. The ergonomics of a site can be measured in its effectiveness, efficiency and the satisfaction it brings to Internet users.

An efficient website

A person visiting a site usually aims to find specific information. It is therefore necessary that the content of the site include all the information that this person needs on the subject.

An efficient website

An Internet user is always looking for a simple and useful site. An ergonomic website has :

  • A clear, simple and precise home page: this is the best way to attract a visitor, especially if he is browsing the site for the very first time.
  • A fast display, a readable page plan with adapted colours, accessible and intuitive menus.
  • Readable texts: texts should be easy to read and understand, with airy paragraphs.
  • A visual hierarchy of elements: play with colors to emphasize the most important parts.
  • The 3-click rule: make sure that people visiting the website access information in 3 clicks.
  • A responsive website: the use of the website must be optimal on all digital media...

A satisfied Internet user

Once satisfied with their navigation on the site that they find useful, visitors will have more reason to come back and talk about it around them. This will be thanks to the micro-functionalities, technical reliability and quality of service that you offer as well as a good user experience.

Responsive design, a new web trend

More specifically, Responsive Web Design or RWB is a technique that consists of designing a digital interface that is adapted to the screen of any device. The goal is to make sure that people browsing your site or using your application can open the page, no matter what machine they are using: computer, smartphone, iPad, etc.

The difference between responsive and adaptive design

The adaptive design has been designed so that users can open a site on different types of devices and have this site adapted to the resolution of the display screen. It detects the screen size and loads the correct layout that has been adapted for the mobile phone or tablet screen.

However, adaptive design has a disadvantage. The layout is rather static and observes breaking points when you want to enlarge a window or rotate the screen. The responsive design is more fluid and adapts to the screen in a more flexible and aesthetic way, offering a more optimal structure.

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How do you know if your site is of good quality?

It is essential to always ask yourself if you have made the most of your website to be sure of its efficiency. If your site respects the rules of good web ergonomics, you can be sure that it is of good quality. However, it is difficult to make this observation objectively. To do so, you must make sure :

The reliability of the information

First of all, see if the content of your site is relevant: is there the information that users are looking for? Has it been verified? How reliable are your sources? Most importantly, you need to confirm that your articles are not plagiarism.

Your website's mission is to make it easier for users to find information and influence their decision making. You don't want the information on your site to be wrong or as complicated as drug information leaflets.

Offer simple navigation thanks to the following features

Sometimes a user clicks on a link and falls on page 404. This happens when the link you want to access is no longer available for certain reasons. You should check that all links on your site are accessible and also active.

Before putting a site online, you must also make sure that there are no more bugs. This is what the test phases with your web developer are for: so that the user does not encounter this kind of problem once your site is launched.

It would also be a plus for your website if it is usable on several browsers: users should be able to open it on Chrome, Mozilla, etc.

Optimal web design and ergonomics

A good quality website has a unique interactive design, splendid while having an efficient and easy navigation. This to provide a good user experience for your customers. It is therefore in your best interest to have an experienced web designer and developer help you create a website and update it regularly.

In addition, your site must apply the 3-click rule. You can ask someone around you to open your web page and look for any information. This person should be able to find this information in just a few clicks. You will be able to conclude that the navigation on this site is simple and pleasant for your users, which qualifies it as ergonomic.

Check the referencing of your site

This is a step not to be overlooked. Observe the visibility of your website, how you position yourself in the search engine when you type the main keywords and the development of your natural referencing over time. You can also see the number of visitors to your website using Google Analytics.

The echo of your customers

It's all about knowing what your customers think of your website. You can make various observations by asking your salespeople or other salespeople in contact with your customers what they think of your site.

Your return on investment

Indeed, you will have to confirm if your website meets the initial expectations which are to open you to a larger audience and bring you more contacts, and thus allow you to sell your products in the best conditions.

The companies present on the platforms need to know the opinion of their customers on their websites. To do this, you can carry out remote user tests: you will be able to find out what changes, if any, need to be made, what services need to be added, which will encourage visitors to go further on the site and discover the other pages.

What is UX design?

User Experience: definition

UX stands for User Experience. It is defined by how a customer feels about a product or service offered by a service provider. In the field of digital commerce, it is the customer's apprehension of a website or application designed by companies.

When your design and interface are as practical as they are effective and navigation on this site is easier, you draw smiles on the faces of Internet users, making them want to come back. For your web project, we recommend the books written by Amélie Boucher, because her practical and methodological advice on creating web and mobile interfaces can help you improve your user experience.

Who is Amélie Boucher, you might ask? She is one of the experts in the field of UX. Ergonomist and information architect, she works at Rugama, a web design company specialized in ergonomics. She has written several books on design, web usability and user experience, demonstrating the importance of user knowledge in the design of a web development project.

UX is thus an essential concept in the creation of websites. Its main objective is to analyze users' responses to the use of your site to optimize your ergonomics, make it easier, more intuitive and efficient to use. So you need to make it easier for a web user to use your interface and make the design more pleasant.

User Experience: Misconceptions

When designing a web project, one is used to wanting to attract the most visitors to the pages at all costs. You have to be careful of these ideas that are detrimental to your projects:

  • All pages must be accessible in 3 clicks: the number of clicks does not influence the client's actions. Focus on facilitating navigation.
  • Internet users don't scroll: people are more used to scrolling, especially on mobile phones. It is advisable to offer content that can capture their attention.
  • The home page is the most crucial one: according to statistics, it is more likely that a user will fall on a specific page of a provider rather than the home page. Make sure you optimize your content.
  • Thecontent doesn't matter in the design: it will be difficult for your designer to design the look of your website without understanding your articles.
  • What works for the other sites will work for you: these companies have done their own studies on the market, competitors, targets, etc. before launching their projects. There's no guarantee it will be the same for yours.
  • No need to test your design: tests performed by a UX designer are not enough. User tests are necessary, because in the end, they are the ones who will see your pages in the most objective way.
  • You decide how Internet users use your site: it is impossible to predict how an Internet user will use a website. Be attentive to their slightest need to provide them with comfort and optimised use.
  • Spaces are unnecessary: long paragraphs are less attractive than airy text.
  • Internet users read online: they hover, so play on titles and paragraphs instead to get their attention.
  • The burger menu is known to everyone: only few people know that these three bars are the menu.

The difference between UI design and UX design

UI and UX design are two important disciplines in web design, both necessary for good web ergonomics. Their mission is to put the user at the centre and make it easy for him to navigate a website.

When we talk about UX, we are referring to the user experience: the analysis of how the Internet user feels about the use of a website and the adaptation of the site according to the results obtained, so that the Internet user always feels positive when browsing. For its part, the UI focuses on what is called the user interface, more specifically the Human Machine Interface or HMI: the graphic presentation of the website. UI design, aims to improve the interaction of visitors with the interface, to make it both pleasant and useful.

The UI designer thus takes care of the visual and textual part of websites or mobile applications, while the role of the UX designer encompasses both the visible and invisible parts, because without the analyses made by the latter, the former will not be able to design any of the elements adapted to the users. The two are undoubtedly complementary and necessary when you want to create a website.

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How important is the user experience in marketing strategy?

The benefits that UX brings to digital trade

The user experience is one of the essential criteria of your web ergonomics. A quality website is what boosts your company's e-commerce. Here are the reasons why.

Distinguish yourself from the competition and satisfy customers

Every company aspires to stand out from its competitors. By optimizing your web ergonomics, you offer yourself this possibility. In the same way, by using a unique logo, colors and all the elements that can differentiate your website from the rest, but especially by putting a fluid navigation at the service of the customer, you encourage them to always use your site and buy your products without making them want to see elsewhere. This is an important step in building customer loyalty.

Attracting new subscribers

The goal of satisfying a visitor who lands on your website is to make him a customer. Internet users tend to like dynamic interfaces, sites that are easy to use and contain useful information. With optimal web ergonomics and by anticipating the daily needs of the visitor, you will encourage him to navigate further on your site, to try your services or to buy your products.

A better natural referencing

The user experience is not only beneficial for your visitors and customers. An interface that respects the rules of good web ergonomics is appreciated by search engines and your site will have a better chance to rank well on search engines and have more visibility. Finally, it does not only depend on the appearance of the site, but also on the content and the ease of navigation.

How can you improve the user experience on your website?

As you know, there are certain rules to follow for an optimized web ergonomics. This is also important to improve the user experience of your site or application. So, for the realization of your web project, here are some tips to apply:

Make sure to design a simplified access and use

  • Boost page loading speed: don't use images that are too heavy or too many plug-ins. Also make sure you put your site on a quality web host.
  • Use a clickable logo: having a logo that visitors can click on to return to the home page gives you good web ergonomics.
  • Create a search field: this allows visitors to access any content within your site.
  • Guide visitors: structure your site to guide users. A functional site is more pleasant to use.
  • Fix errors and bugs, don't put too many ads. Also, a site aiming at a better ergonomics uses cookies to record user information.

Analyze the behavior of your visitors

This is a very important step. It helps you to know the preferences of the users and to know what changes to make to your website, what rules to apply so that the navigation is optimal and is done in a simple way, to offer the best experience to your visitors who will become loyal customers.

Adapt your site or application to all operating systems

It is true that you have done all the necessary analyses before launching your project. But before you make any decisions, consider adapting your site or application to all possible devices, whether desktop or mobile. Find out which ones your audience is using and call on the experts who can help you accommodate your project while respecting the rules of favourable web ergonomics.

Collaborate with the best web service providers to improve the user experience of your sites and applications. Entrust your research to Sortlist.

How to recognize an agency specialized in web ergonomics?

Now that you know how to improve your web usability, here are the criteria that will help you choose the agency that will help you create a site or a mobile application :

A versatile and quality portfolio

A web agency that is a master in website creation and web ergonomics will provide its visitors with a portfolio containing all the projects in which it has participated. You can even contact the companies that worked with it to check the quality of the work.

Experience and knowledge of the market

Indeed, an agency providing web ergonomics services must have the necessary experience and knowledge. It is not about years of practice and even less about designing a logo and mastering colors and other visual elements. Finally, it matters, but that's not all. It also requires an unstoppable knowledge of marketing and social media and the technology that comes with experience.

Good risk management

The web professions go beyond the design of a website. We must continually seek to improve it, in particular by following technological advances and the various trends that can attract a visitor. Thus, there is no real end in the development of a web project. Therefore, a web agency or a qualified designer must not only have the portfolio and the knowledge, but also the taste for competition, risk and innovation.

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