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Coca-Cola, Nike, Adidas, Louis Vuitton... many are the famous brands that currently integrate gaming into their marketing and branding strategy. Indeed, this approach has undeniable advantages, particularly in terms of visibility. So why not embark on this adventure which can be very profitable for your brand?

Of course, to ensure the success of your project and to make your task as easy as possible, you can perfectly well be accompanied by a gaming agency. Sortlist can help you find the right provider.

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What do you need to know about gaming?

Gaming: definition

As the name clearly implies, gaming is simply defined as playing video games. And that's whether it's on a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or a console. However, this anglicism also refers to the world of video games in general: creation, monetization, sale, professional practice, events...

Having become very trendy in recent years, this concept is in any case a real success. It brings together a large community of enthusiasts and gamers around the world. This craze can be explained by the explosion of social networks such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Twitter and Reddit. Similarly, technological advances - augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc. - have made it possible to create a new kind of gaming experience. - Similarly, technological advances - augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc. - have contributed to the development of this booming sector.

Video games are second only to social networks in terms of Internet usage.

Understanding the concepts of cloud gaming, PC gaming and console gaming

Nowadays, gamers have a choice of different media to play video games. Depending on their preferences and their budget, they have three options for their practice:

  • PC gaming: the game is played on a computer, whether it is a PC gamer or not.
  • Console gaming: Gamers use a console such as the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One X.
  • Cloud gaming: the game is played online

Generally presented as the future of video games, this last option only requires a good internet connection and a screen. In fact, as with music and film, the future of the sector lies in streaming. For this reason, offers in this area are multiplying more and more: Google Stadia, xCloud, PlayStation Now...

It should be noted that the giant of social networks, Facebook, has also recently launched its cloud gaming platform. Integrated into its navigation menu, this service is accessible from its dedicated application and on a web browser.

Social gaming, a lever of great interest in digital marketing

To create a buzz on the internet, especially on social networks, brands most often opt for social gaming. In fact, social gaming is an interactive mini game accessible online. With a competitive or cooperative nature, it solicits the player's network. A bit addictive, it calls upon several players who collaborate or oppose each other to achieve a well-defined goal.

Compared to applications such as contests and quizzes, this game model is a significant e-marketing tool for brands. For good reason, it allows a brand to be talked about without advertising and without exorbitant costs. Moreover, it is less intrusive than advertising.

In addition, the social force of this game model makes it possible to obtain a qualified target audience. Moreover, the brand can win the affection of the public through a platform that is appreciated by the public.

Three elements in particular have contributed to the advancement of social gaming:

  • The democratization of gaming
  • The development of social networks
  • The expansion of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Some of the best known social games include Candy Crush, Farm Ville, City Ville, Angry Birds Friends and Texas Holdem Poker.

Good reasons to gamble

School of strategists, gaming has many advantages:

  • Improves reading skills
  • Optimizes spatial skills and motor reflexes
  • Improves eye-hand coordination
  • Develops critical thinking and improvisational skills
  • Learns how to manage resources more efficiently
  • Works on perseverance
  • Allows to socialize and develops team spirit and camaraderie

In addition, some video games can help you lose weight. Beneficial at any age, this hobby can also improve concentration, attention, memory and sense of direction. In addition, it allows for a better general culture. Indeed, many games use real events, places and characters in their stories.

What are the jobs related to gaming?

As mentioned above, gaming covers various fields: public relations, programming, motion design, digital animation... It thus offers a wide variety of jobs that particularly appeal to young talent.

The jobs inherent to online sports or esports

League of Legends World Championship, FIFA 18 or Coca-Cola eCopa Tournament, Overwatch World Cup Today, sports competitions are a real craze, as much from committed communities of fans and players as from brands.

The professions inherent in online sports are becoming more diverse and varied:

  • Sports coach
  • Pro gamer
  • Streamer
  • Esport organizer
  • esport project manager
  • Etc.

Jobs related to video games

The creation, development and management of video games involves the participation of a number of professionals with special skills:

  • Video game designer
  • Level designer
  • 2D and 3D animator
  • Character designer
  • Sound designer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Programmer or game developer
  • Lead developer
  • Video game tester
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Virtual Reality Designer
  • VR director
  • Etc.

Gaming therefore involves many actors with whom you can work to set up a project favourable to your brand image.

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Why integrate gaming into your brand strategy?

If more and more major brands are now including gaming in their marketing and branding strategies, it is because they have a lot to gain from it. So it's in your best interest to get started. Especially since the advantages of this approach are multiple.

Create interaction with your target audience

Gaming is popular with millions of people around the world. No matter what industry you're in, your customers may be interested in video games. They will appreciate your approach.

By using this concept in your marketing and branding strategies, you can better interact with your target audience. Indeed, you exchange around a subject that fascinates and arouses the interest of your audience. Moreover, you can use the game in various initiatives of all kinds: gaming, professional training, health, teamwork, education...

Offering entertainment and interaction, video games allow you to have a more dynamic communication with different audiences. You can then engage your audience on common values. By relying on social gaming, you can even increase your engagement rate while motivating interactions between your brand and your customer community.

Build customer loyalty

The videogame world can inspire you in the implementation of your customer loyalty strategy. Indeed, you can incorporate gaming techniques into your subscriptions and loyalty programs. Challenges, rewards, progression..., you are spoilt for choice in terms of how to build loyalty among your existing customer base.

Gaming allows you to entertain your audience while strengthening their commitment to your brand. What's more, it gives you the opportunity to animate the community you've built and encourage your audience's interactions with your brand. In addition, you foster your audience's sense of ownership of your brand and increase their engagement.

Gain visibility and expand your audience

By incorporating gaming codes into your digital strategy, branding and marketing, you improve your visibility, especially on social networks. In fact, your audience goes beyond your customer community. In fact, by taking the right approach, you can reach a wider audience. Just like the communities of engaged and very active gamers on the web and their direct and indirect entourage.

Word-of-mouth and social network sharing can account for a significant increase in your brand's visibility. Better yet, it allows you to improve the conversion rate of your digital marketing campaign. You can then qualify your prospect or customer base and benefit from a better audience.

Increase brand awareness through gaming

If your offer - product and/or service - has succeeded in winning the hearts of your customers, players as well as influencers, they will certainly talk about it to those around them. They then become your brand ambassadors, so to speak. They invite their circle to learn more about you and to find out about the products or services they have recommended.

By using gaming techniques, you can work on the attractiveness and user-friendliness of your brand. In this way, you can build and establish an attractive and innovative brand image. Of course, this will also help you to gain more and more recognition.

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How to use gaming to develop marketing and branding strategies?

As diverse and vast as they are engaged and active, social network gamer communities represent potential customers for your brand. To awaken their interest in your sign and your offer, you need to use gaming in your marketing and branding strategies.

Create a video game

To give a more attractive image to your brand, you have the possibility to develop your own game. Indeed, your customers and other consumers see their interest when you develop your games yourself. In particular, if they reveal an original concept and guarantee them free entertainment. From this point of view, it's better to create a mobile game and ideally a social game that has the wind in its sails on social networks.

It goes without saying that before embarking on the adventure, you must first define the type of video games you want to design. By analyzing your customer data and trends, you can choose from a wide range of possibilities:

  • Adventure
  • Reflection
  • Simulation and strategy
  • Sport
  • Platform
  • Etc.

In any case, a question arises: how to create a game? You usually have two options. On the one hand, you can use the services of a gaming agency or a video game studio. On the other hand, there is nothing to prevent you from using software to create a game. In this case, you can use for example Game Develop, a video game publisher that is very easy to use.

For the promotion of your trendy game, social networks such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming are particularly effective. You can also work with community influencers to put your game in the spotlight.

Please note that your game must offer an easy and pleasant navigation to its users. It must also be in your image and reflect your values. You must also pay special attention to the universe, the scenario and the quality of the graphics of your game.

In-game placement and advertising

Product placements and advertising also have their place in the gaming sector. They make the game world much more realistic and enjoyable. Of course, players expect your brand presence in the game to have a direct relationship with the game. And this, whether it is in the context of a brand integration in the game or an in-game advertising operation.

Either way, these ad integrations allow you to reach a more targeted audience. In addition, it allows thousands of players to interact naturally with your brand. You then gain new consumers while building customer loyalty.

Many brands have used these methods of integration into gaming:

  • Honda USA in Car Town
  • Mac Donald in Farm Ville
  • Marc Jacob and Valentino in Animal Crossing
  • Star Wars in Fortnite
  • Subway in InFAMOUS 2
  • Ikea in SIMS 2
  • Etc.

Sponsorship and partnership

More and more brands are now investing in influence marketing in gaming. Indeed, whether in the form of sponsorship or collaboration, they want to make the most of it.

Sponsorship is thus of great interest in the booming esport sector. The number of sponsorships continues to grow exponentially. In fact, the agreements between brands, both endemic and non-endemic, and esport leagues and teams are legion:

  • Nike and the Chinese Pro League of Legends...
  • Coca-Cola and the Overwatch League
  • Samsung and the Gen G team. of League of Legends
  • Etc.

As for the partnership, it is carried out in particular between brands and gaming influencers. Very present on social networks, they have a large audience and have an important impact on their community of subscribers. Whether bloggers, pro gamers or Let's play, these influencers can also address various subjects, other than video games, that concern and interest their followers. This gives you quite a lot of leeway to find your partners.

Nevertheless, whether you come into contact with micro-influencers or big gaming influencers, you must reward them appropriately. The rewards to be offered must of course correspond to the reach of the influencer. Goodies, gift, fixed remuneration, early access steam key...You can choose between several options that can be cumulated.

Organize a gaming event

A gaming event is likely to attract the interest of gaming communities. So, to achieve your communication objectives, organizing one is an idea to consider. Launch of your trendy game, esport tournament, announcement of a sponsorship or gaming partnership... Whatever the reason for the gaming event, it allows you to make your brand known to a wider audience.

Contests can also develop interest in your brand. For this reason, it can be interesting to plan some when you hold your gaming event. Indeed, they represent a very popular marketing lever due to their various advantages:

  • Excellent opportunity to increase your community through virality...
  • Generate commitments from its audience
  • Collecting interesting data
  • Transforming your audience into brand ambassadors
  • Recruit and qualify prospects

In addition, you should know that there are several mechanics of contests for the animation of your community. Quiz, blind test, personality test, scavenger're spoilt for choice.

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What's the point of using a gaming agency for your project?

Do your marketing and branding strategies incorporate gaming codes? If so, it is highly recommended to work with an agency specialized in this field to ensure the success of your project. Whatever the case, it is in your interest to use a reliable agency that stands out for its professionalism, the excellence of its achievements and its ability to offer a service that fits your budget.

Take advantage of the expertise of a gaming specialist

Creation of a game in your image, organization of a gaming event, putting you in touch with a gaming influencer, advergame... Whatever your project, a gaming agency can help you in its realization. Indeed, it has the know-how and experience necessary to ensure the success of your approach.

A gaming agency specialized in gaming also allows you to benefit from a quality and tailor-made result. Indeed, it can take a particular interest in your specific requests. It is attentive to your needs and generally guarantees you a service that meets your expectations.

Saving time

Calling on a gaming agency certainly allows you to save time on the realization of your project. In fact, it puts at your disposal a team of professionals who can accomplish in a timely manner the tasks that require specific skills.

By requesting the services of an event agency, a communication agency or a video game studio, you can also count on the advice of a gaming specialist. Moreover, since the gaming specialist takes care of everything, you simplify the life of your marketing team, which can concentrate on other important tasks.

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